Statement from our Superintendent Minister to be read/given out to all Circuit Churches.

The Rev Dr. George Bailey has very recently been appointed to a half time post of lecturer in Mission and Wesleyan studies at Cliff College, Sheffield. This appointment, which will be effective from September 1st 2014 will have obvious implications for George’s present workload.

He will be relinquishing his position as the District Ecumenical Officer, (with all the associated responsibilities and meetings), and he will cease his teaching on the York St John Foundation degree course.

However, there will still have to be some re-adjustment in his pastoral responsibilities within the circuit. The Circuit Leadership Team are looking at this concern to ensure that appropriate rearrangements can be made, and a number of possible avenues will be explored.

The Circuit congratulates George on his appointment, and recognises that this position uses his academic gifts, teaching skills and research interests to very good advantage for the Methodist Church as a whole. Please remember George and his family in your prayers at this time of transition, and the CLT as they explore ways forward for the Circuit.

Rev Robert B Creamer Circuit Superintendent,
on behalf of the LNaE Circuit Leadership Team