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The Circuit Meeting is constituted under SO 510 of the CPD of the Methodist Church. This Standing Order gives an overall structure, but allows each Circuit to decide about the level of representation from each Church in the Circuit, and what additional persons are appointed to ensure all areas of the Circuit's life are represented:

Ex-officio Members: ( The Superintendent, all presbyters, deacons, probationers and circuit stewards)

Supernumerary Ministers
Circuit Stewards
Revd Robert Creamer Revd Joyce Nicholson Mrs Barbara Belsham (Snr)
Revd Dr George Bailey   Mrs Alison Roberts
Deacon Sheila Dawson   Mrs Anne Kirkland
Revd Susan Greenhart   Mr Ken Wenham
Revd Mark Harwood   Mr Ala Wittrick
Revd John Mason    
Revd Dr Daniel Mwailu    
Revd Palo Tshume    

Lay Workers working 10 hours or more, who are members in the Circuit and employed by the Circuit Meeting:

Mrs Christine Stopford
Mr Grenville Jensen
Mrs Mary Saddler
Mrs Helen Lunn (Observer)

Secretary of the Meeting:

Mrs Christine Stopford

Secretary of the Local Preachers' Meeting:

Mr John Clay

From each local church, one church steward, the church treasurer, one representative elected by the Church Council:

Alwoodley Park Brian Wilkinson Rob Garlick Margaret Aveyard
Barwick-in-Elmet Ted Chippindale Margaret Cathey John Prior
Chapel Allerton Richard Vautrey Monica Sanders Robert Kilcoyne
Christ Church Peter Young Sheila Stavely Andy Birkett
Colton Dorothy Davies Carol Jensen Kathryn Glasby
Cross Gates John Best Keith Tingle Christine Holdstock
Garforth Janice Green Carole Jensen Sue Croll
Gipton Joyce Ashworth Jean Hopkinson Joanne Ashworth
Lidgett Park Alan Wittrick
Moortown John Witt Joan Roberts Harold Hollings
Newbourne Denise Cariss Shirley Moran Linda Abbott
Roscoe Brenda Farara Ramona Active
Oakwood Leonora Rankine Paul Muncer Sue Noble
Scholes Ruth Roberts Carol Jensen Lesley Brett
Seacroft Alison Lingwood Geoff Yapp Jennie Reeve
Shadwell Emelia Peterson Ann Burt  
Thorner Ann Johnson Margaret Burgess Tom Alexander
Trinity Joyce Griffiths Gwen Guzha Julie Hendrickson

Leaders for Priority Areas

Discipleship & Worship
Buildings & Ecumenism
Fresh Expressions
Connecting Communities
Revd Andrew Atkins
Mary Patchett
Anne Kirkland

Revd George Bailey
Ann Johnson
David Barrett

Revd John Mason
Grenville Jensen
Alison Roberts
Revd Mark Harwood
Jean Hopkinson
Barbara Belsham

Local Preachers

Mary Curl Catherine Frieze Dorothy Turnpenny
Patricia Davies Janice Green John Clay


Meeting Point Management Committee
Doug Aveyard  
WIFCOS Management Committee
Ramona Active  
Angela Britton  
Circuit Safeguarding Officers
Tim Bean Anne Kirkland
Methodist Women in Britain
Jean Hopkinson  
LWPT Representative
John Witt  


Zimbabwean Methodist Fellowship
Allerton Deanery
Whitkirk Deanery
  Anne Smith