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409 Harehills Lane, LS9 6AP (tel: (0113) 249 8575)

Meeting PoiintThe Meeting Point Café was set up in the old Richmond Hill Circuit 22 years ago. True to its name, it has always been more than a café. It has been a meeting point where all sorts of people from the local community can come to eat and drink, talk and be listened to.   The Café Manageress, Pauline, with her team of volunteers has built up a reputation of offering understanding, compassion and a listening ear for the many people who use the café.
The Café was opened in 1992, as a new and innovative contribution to the Christian presence in Harehills, after the closure of Harehills Lane Methodist Church. A particular highlight in the café's history was when the Queen came to visit the café on a tour of projects funded by the Church Urban Fund. people

For all the years it has been open, Meeting Point has continued in its work of offering friendship, care and concern to its many customers.

The Café is open weekdays in the morning from 7.00 am. to 1.00 pm. Anyone is welcome to come in, and a visit to the café will give you not only a warm welcome but the opportunity to see the wonderful painted mural of Harehills life that is mounted inside the café.



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Monday 9.30-12.30

Wednesday 9.30 -12.30


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