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Advent 2021: Come to the Feast

Advent is the time when we as Christians prepare to greet Christ--who came as a babe

in a manger, who comes into our lives each day, and who will come again at the end of

time. Advent is the time when people of faith are most at odds with the culture. The

church calls people to focus on getting ready to receive Christ--preparing hearts and

lives to make room for Jesus, to live as he would have us live. It is a time of longing, not

fulfilment. Advent is a time for quiet reflection, not celebration. The culture, however, is

already in a time of festivity, unable or unwilling, to wait and contemplate and prepare

for the real festival. It is not easy to observe Advent without being pulled prematurely

into Christmas.

This Advent we have focused our Advent Booklet on Faith, Fellowship and Feast. A

period of time where we spend time in reflection and prayer, a time where we can

gather together as Christians, and this Advent a time where we share hospitality with our

friends and neighbours. Each week there is a reflection, a recipe and ideas how we can

share fellowship and hospitality, feasting with those you know.

As we think of our theme this year, St Nicholas came to mind, an Advent saint because

his feast day is on 6th December and so always falls in early Advent. However, St Nicholas

is a good Advent saint for more important reasons than the date of his special day.

Whatever he did, and it is said that he did many kinds of amazing things, may not be as

important as the way he did it. Nicholas became so popular because he was a faithful

follower of Jesus Christ. His life clearly reflected the way each one of us is called to show

God's love to others, especially those in need.

This Advent as we prepare for Christmas, let our goodness and kindness be shown in our

deeds, expressing our care for those known to us, to those we need to get to know, and

to those in need. As we engage in the reflections, get busy baking and cooking, may we

partake in a feast of love, hope, kindness and generosity.

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